Welcome to our St Michael's family!

Our school is a place that makes you feel at home, there are good times and challenging times, but mostly there is love and laughter.  However, just like at home, there is always someone to hold your hand, to wipe your tears or simply smile and say well done.   We are honoured to have created an inclusive environment, within the local community, where all our children can flourish and where the Christian values of Friendship, Happiness, Respect and Perseverance, are evident in everything that we do. 

As a school we are proud of our Christian ethos.  We have created a unique vision, that captures our schools’ individual identity and our values. We asked parents, our wonderful children, staff and governors for key words and phrases, that emphasise what St Michael’s means to all our stakeholders and families.

We believe in the sentiment of our vision because we know that our children are inspirational!  They inspire us on a daily basis. We believe curiosity, creativity, challenge and independence are paramount in supporting our children to become independent, self-motivated and engaged learners. Equally, we encourage our children to be resilient – to persevere and face any challenge they may encounter.  Most of all we cherish the children at this school because we recognise that they are all unique individuals. Every child in this school is on their very own learning pathway to ultimately ‘to be the best they can be’.

The story of Noah’s Ark has been chosen to work alongside our vision. This is because, in times of adversity, Noah didn’t give up. He had to persevere both in listening to the word of God, but also to build an ark to prepare for a new unforeseen chapter. His success represents our school values, whilst also demonstrating our school vision -  preparing for the challenges ahead.

Our vision, school values and the story of Noah’s Ark, are intrinsically linked to our ethos, helping us to teach our children how to learn, behave and also to equip them to succeed in life beyond our St Michael’s family.

We are a fantastic school, with marvellous teachers and wonderful children.  We hope you enjoy visiting our website.

Best wishes

Lisa Saunders, Executive Headteacher