Term Dates

We do ask parents to try to avoid holidays in term time to prevent the loss of valuable curriculum time for teaching and learning.

It is only in exceptional circumstances that holiday will be authorised. We work closely with the Educational Welfare Officer to monitor child absence.


School Year 2023/2024

Term 6 - Trinity

First Day: Monday 3rd June 2024
Last Day: Tuesday 23rd July 2024

School Year 2024/2025

Term 1 Michaelmas

First Day: Monday 2nd September 2024
Last Day: Friday 18th October 2024

Term 2 Advent

First Day: Monday 4th November 2024
Last Day: Friday 20th December 2024

Term 3 Epiphany

First Day: Monday 6th January 2025
Last Day: Friday 14th February 2025

Term 4 Lent

First Day: Monday 24th February 2025
Last Day: Friday 4th April 2025

Term 5 Easter

First Day: Tuesday 22nd April 2025
Last Day: Friday 23rd May 2025

Bank Holiday: Monday 5th May 2025

Term 6 Trinity

First Day: Monday 2nd June 2025
Last Day: Tuesday 22nd July 2025

 Kent Term Dates: 


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