Online Safety for Parents

So what is Online Safety?

  • Online Safety is concerned with safeguarding children, young people and indeed adults in the digital world.
  • It is about learning to understand and use new technologies and Information Communication Technology (ICT) in a positive way.
  • Online Safety
  • is not about restricting children, but educating them about the risks as well as the benefits so they can feel confident and happy online.
  • It is about educating ourselves so we are able to support and help children and young people online.

Please visit our pupil area where you will find websites to help teach children & adults how to stay safe online.  You can also visit,, for a range of materials from the local authority.

The use of social media amongst primary school pupils is increasing even though there are age restrictions.  The restrictions are set to keep children safe online - please see the diagram below for details concerning age restrictions for specific applications.  


Department for Education: Child Internet Safety

'The internet provides children and young people with a wealth of opportunities for their entertainment, communication and education.  But there are also risks of harm through the deliberate behaviour of others online, and through exposure to inappropriate content.

As children grow up in an increasingly digital world, they need to be aware of the risks they face online,  Everyone can play a part in keeping children safe and the internet industries have a particular responsibility to create tools and information to help.' - DFE Website

At Home

There are many ways which you can help your child use the Internet and other online devices safely. Monitoring what your child accesses online and helping them choose appropriate websites is crucial. Parental controls can be used online and on televisions to help children avoid any inappropriate content. However, these are not completely reliable and therefore it is also vital that you talk to your child and make them aware of what to do in case inappropriate content appears.

Keep your Children Safe Online

At School

At school we have high security filters to stop children accessing inappropriate websites. We also use 'Hector's World' and in the corner of the screen there is always Hector the Dolphin which children know to click if anything unsuitable appears. This blacks out the screen immediately so that children can then call over an adult to solve the problem.

Here are some helpful websites for parents:


 Click here to see our Online Safety Policy


 Other useful links are: