Our School Vision and Values

St Michael’s infant and junior school is proud of the Christian ethos that runs throughout the school. We have created a vision that captures who we are as a school and what we stand for. We asked parents, our wonderful children, staff and governors for key words and phrases about our school, that emphasise what St Michael's means to our families.

We used these words and phrases to create statements which were then put together by the senior leadership team, governors and children to create our school vision – and here it is!

We hope you agree with the sentiments of our vision. We know that our children are inspirational!  They inspire us on a daily basis. We are constantly changing our curriculum to ensure curiosity and creativity is paramount to how we learn. We want our children to become independent, both in their work but also within themselves and their personalities – to think and do for themselves. In our current climate we want to teach our children to be resilient – to not give in – even through the difficult aspects of their lives. Most of all we cherish the children at this school because we recognise that they are all unique individuals. Every child in this school is on their very own learning pathway to ultimately ‘be the best they can be’.

We have chosen the story of Noah’s Ark to work alongside our vision. This is because, in times of adversity, Noah didn’t give up. His life was not easy, the people around him were not friendly all of the time. He had to persevere both in listening to the word of God, but also to build an ark at a time when God was ready to punish the whole world for their behaviour. However, he succeeded through Perseverance, Respect, Friendship and Happiness and new life and indeed, a new future, was produced. For this reason, we have adopted these four words as our school values, which are paramount and guide us in everything that we do at St Michael's. Following in Noah's footsteps, under the guidance of God and our Christian ethos, our aim is to mould a successful future for ourselves. 

We believe that our vision, school values and the story of Noah’s Ark, will succeed in teaching our children how to learn, and also how to leave our school with determination, resilience and good morals. Most of all, it will provide the platform to begin their journey into happy young adults, equipped for the future that lies ahead of them.