Science Experiment Day 2017

Today we have enjoyed science experiment day...the children were asked their opinions of the event this afternoon and this is what they said...

Esme: I thought today was the best day ever! It was fun challenging and we used the school values: Friendship, Perseverance, Respect and worked as a team.  In the afternoon, Faith made a den from mats, chairs and tables.  It was so much fun and I really want to do it again next year.  T really loved building the den!

Ryan: I enjoyed persevering to make light out of a potato, lemon, apples and oranges.  I liked the day overall because it was the first time I had used fruit to make light. It was interesting.

Cristian: I enjoyed cleaning water today because it was fun and I have never done it before.  I enjoyed working as a team and with people from other year groups.

Luca D:I thought today was amazing because we were making vibrations move from one cup to another and we could make our own experiments.

Toby: I enjoyed science day because it was fun to hear other people's solutions on how to keep warm in a power cut.  It was interesting to learn how much a power cut can affect things.  I thought this was an excellent idea and I definitely learned a lot, including how the number of  people you have in a room can affect the heat.

Evie: I really enjoyed today because we all worked together well and I don't think anyone had an upset face!  My favourite bit has to be when we actually did the experiment because I loved the suspense filled atmosphere.