Charity Events

Dear parents and carers,

The children at the junior school are always thinking of ways to support those in need. They are a kind and generous bunch, with hearts of gold and we all adore them for their charitable endeavors; however we are mindful that there is a constant flow of events which puts a strain on parents, therefore we have decided that each term (except term 2) a class will organise a charitable event – using ideas suggested and arranged by their classmates. Nevertheless there will be some exceptions, such as year 6 as they raise funds for their school trip all year and any external projects such as SALUS etc.

We are always grateful for your support and hope this change will continue to allow us to encourage the children’s enthusiasm, whilst offering a more structured format. However we understand the financial burden on families throughout the year so please do not feel obliged to contribute on every occasion, only if you can.

Best wishes Mrs. Heather


Term 3 – Brenchley

Term 4 - Blythe

Term 5 - Hazlitt

Term 6 - Goodwin/Townsend – this is because children in these classes have already organised events in term 2.



Term 1 - Brenchley

Term 2 - Poppy Day, CiN and Christmas events

Term 3 - Blythe

Term 4 - Hazlitt

Term 5 - Townsend

Term 6 - Goodwin