Meet The Governors

Welcome to the Governor pages of the St Michael's Schools' Federation. What’s a federation you ask? Well we have one governing body that’s responsible for two schools. Our schools are still separate infant and junior settings but they only have one governing body. This means that the governing body takes an interest across the sites. We support the Executive Head, Mrs Saunders and the Senior Leadership Team in their work and support in the development of a joined vision and values which apply to both of the schools.

The Governing Body operates a circle model of Governance which means that every governor has a responsibility in monitoring what the school is aiming to achieve through the School Development Plan. The governing body meets 6 times per academic year to report back their monitoring and to also ensure that Statutory decisions are being made.

Each governor is elected based on the skill set that they can bring to the Governing Body and share a keen interest in the education of the children at the schools, with an enthusiasm to help achieve the federation’s Vision. This table shows our current governors and you may follow the links below to find out more about us.

In addition to attending meetings, all governors make regular monitoring visits to the school to meet staff and children and check progress against the school’s plans. There are specific areas to be monitored, including Safeguarding, Finance, Health and Safety, and we have a nominated governor to lead in these important areas, shown in the table above. All governors monitor progress against school development plans and this year our specific focus has been to check on the progress and attainment of our disadvantaged children (those for whom we receive additional Pupil Premium funding). We also attend events and celebrations at the school and this is the part of the governor role we all really enjoy!

We are always keen to hear from parents, carers and others interested in the progress of the school or perhaps interested in joining the Governing Body. If you would like to contact the Governors for any reason, or would like more information on how we manage Governing Body business, please write to us at the school (address your envelope to the “Clerk to the Governing Body”) or speak to Mrs Dicker or any current governor.

Role Name Responsibility Term Start Term End
Co-opted Joanne Cox - Chair


School Improvement

Governor Training

6.10.21 5.10.25
Co-opted Kerstie Stevenson - Vice Chair

School Improvement


23.3.22 22.3.26
Co-opted Florence Shosanya

School Improvement

6.7.22 5.7.26
Co-opted Emily Van de Pol

School Improvement

14.12.22 13.12.26
Executive Headteacher Lisa Saunders
Parent Governor Philip Lawrence


Health and Safety

School Improvement

15.9.19 14.11.23
Parent Governor Anna Oliver

 Pupil Premium/SEN

6.7.22 5.7.26
Staff Governor Richard Faulkner


School Improvement

12.10.22 11.10.26



Governor Attendance -



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