Vision & Values




Our core school values, Friendship, Respect, Happiness and Perseverance, support our Christian identity and underpin our ethos.  These values are rooted in the children’s learning, whilst also playing a significant role in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

The staff, pupils and parents at St. Michael’s Church of England Federated Junior School consider themselves a family, therefore each person is uniquely valued and their gifts and talents are nurtured and developed.   Every person in our school cares for one another and for God’s world.



When children begin their learning journey at the junior school they are allocated to a house.  The houses relate to the Christian virtues, Trust, Faith, Charity and Hope.  Throughout the year pupils reflect on these virtues and learn how they are important in society, they also participate in events such as sports day in their houses.  Children are rewarded with house points for their behaviour and a house cup is awarded each week, this culminates in a non-uniform day for the house with the most points each term.