At St Michael’s we value the importance of Art and Design. It is our children’s entitlement to be able to share and express their individual curiosity, creativity, challenge and independence. It is our intent to provide all our children with the fundamental skills, techniques and knowledge needed to independently create their own unique drawings, paintings, sculptures and crafts. We empower children to discover great artists that will enable them to explore their own and others cultural heritages. Enabling the children to feel safe, secure and happy to produce their most creative work. At St Michael's we believe that the process takes precedent over the product and we offer the children ways to be creative without the need to be perfect.


We teach a skills-based curriculum that challenges the children to independently express their creativity. As well as this we aim to provide them with the opportunity to practice and develop mastery in the key processes of art. In the Progression Document important links can be made to help the children see the integral role art plays in our everyday lives, our community, in history and the wider world. By following the Progression Document, we challenge the children to develop skills and knowledge of drawing, printing, painting, colour, sculpture, texture and pattern. There is flexibility to meet children’s needs and tailor their experience of art and foster their curiosity, creativity and nurture their independence.

In EYFS the children have regular access to a variety of media and materials which they can explore to produce their own creative work. Provision is carefully planned to suit the interests of the children whilst developing the necessary skills they need to work independently. On-going monitoring and observation ensure that the adults facilitating learning know each child’s next steps to give them the learning opportunities and experience thy need to develop their skills in Art.

We place high importance on skills development from EYFS, for example in the safe use of tools, techniques, materials and media. In KS1 these skills can be further developed and any gaps in their skills can be addressed. By the end of KS2 we aim for the children to independently and creatively use the skills and knowledge that has been built on year after year and apply these to a variety of media and materials.


At the end of each Key Stage children can apply and understand the skills, knowledge and processes they have been taught so that they are confident in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art craft and design techniques. Children will leave St Michael’s thinking for themselves with an ability to be constructively critical when evaluating their own and others work – knowing how it can be improved, or when to stop if they are satisfied with their creative work.

Progression Document